MetroMedia Productions, Inc. Connects Audiences Digitally with Extraordinary Live Events

MetroMedia Productions, Inc., the Sacramento-based audio visual event production company behind our brilliant staging and lighting during our Annual Installation & Awards dinners, has made necessary shifts to concentrate on livestream and webinar events to support staff and a socially-distanced community.

MetroMedia Productions, Inc. is a full-service audio visual event production and rental company established in 2004. It has grown into one of the leading event production companies on the West Coast. MetroMedia’s full-time staff is dedicated to bringing client productions from script to screen, and making sure their events sail smoothly. MetroMedia is committed to providing professional services and technological solutions to all their clients.

At the core of their company is the creative team—caring professionals dedicated to delivering promises, exceeding expectations, and providing excellent customer service to their clients. Each team member uses their specialty and expertise to face creative challenges head-on and bring their client’s vision to life.

For years, MetroMedia has lit up the stage for the SacAsian Chamber’s Annual Installation & Awards Dinnersat the Hyatt Regency Sacramento. With their brilliant expertise, equipment, and experience, they’ve wowed our audiences year after year and created unforgettable audio-visual experiences. They have their belief in mastery over mediocrity to thank for their fantastic sets.

It’s abundantly clear that MetroMedia is completely committed to providing an enjoyable event experience that engages and inspires their audience. However, due to COVID-19, the entire event production industry has experienced widespread cancellations and rescheduling of events.

Because of these shifts, MetroMedia has converted their reduced showtime hours into preparation hours for their engineers via at-home training. They are getting acquainted with the latest cutting-edge technologies and focusing on essential projects at the warehouse. Their company has shifted into a more concentrated focus on Livestreaming and Remote Webinars, and provide all the tools and support required for their clients to keep business events running smoothly.

“We are fully expecting a booming comeback once stay-at-home orders have been lifted, and we are doing everything we can to prepare for a doubly busy event season as we play catch-up throughout the year’s duration.”

If you’re interested in bringing life to your online productions, you can contact MetroMedia to discuss virtual options with their streaming experts. This provides a feature-rich alternative to in-person meetings, keeping everyone safe at home while keeping businesses open for work.

Their Full Service Production offers include:

  • Audio, Lighting, & Video
  • Computers & Networking
  • Scenic Design & Custom Fabrication
  • Live Streaming & Web Conferencing
  • Content Creation & Pre-Production
  • Studio Videography, Event Recording, & Robotic Camera Capture

Contact Information

Address: 930 Striker Avenue Suite D Sacramento, CA 95834

Phone: (916) 924-8431






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