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We are committed to ensuring the voices of our diverse small business community are heard. When it comes to policy-making decisions at the local and state levels, we are front-and-center consistently advocating for our region’s small businesses.

How we Advocate for Small Businesses

Our small business advocacy comes in many forms. We help leverage partnerships such as our Sacramento Inclusive Economic Development Collaborative, create regional strategies to ensure inclusive economic policies and investments, create conversations with policymakers, and connect our communities to their elected representatives through our Meet and Greet Series.

Our 2021 Legislative Priorities


The economic impact of COVID–19 continues to overcome business owners throughout the State. Minority business owners are especially impacted by the negative health and economic effects of this pandemic. The SACC has prioritized small business regulation and legislation review, as it relates to the actions of the Governor, Legislature, and COVID–19. We must stay nimble and alert to any and all changes, especially as they affect business operations, so that businesses do not suffer exponentially more than they already are, given the current state of the pandemic in California.

Education & Workforce

A skilled and educated workforce is integral to the success of our region’s small businesses and their ability to compete locally and abroad. Sacramento needs a workforce that is competent, competitive, creative, and prepared to meet the needs of the local and state economy and employers as they continue to transform. California is also home to the largest and most diverse student population in the country. Investment in public education is paramount – student achievement is the single best public policy predictor of a thriving state economy. Employers will be more competitive and workers will benefit as those with higher levels of education and training earn higher wages. The SACC supports policies that increase workforce development programs and make higher education and vocational education more accessible and affordable. SACC also supports the creation of ethnic studies programs.

Business Finance

We support a business environment that offers support and makes it easier for businesses to grow and thrive. The Business Finance covers issues including the following: access to capital, transparency in lending, taxation, regulatory reform, procurement and contracting international investment. Funding vehicles such as CDFIs, traditional and non-traditional bankers, and tax credits are all mechanisms we should consider supporting.


Our chamber believes that small businesses should have options in finding healthcare coverage for their business and employees and works to remove excessive regulation and other barriers to affordable and accessible healthcare. In addition, the API community face health challenges that include heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes and differ by each API subgroup; SACC recognizes the various health concerns of the API community and supports efforts to address them.


California faces a wide range of pressing infrastructure challenges to its long-term economic health, in sectors including housing, water, energy, transportation, utilities, broadband, and more. These challenges are exacerbated by the impacts of climate change, which disproportionately hit minority and poor communities the hardest. Minority and poor populations are more likely to die from extreme heat waves, breathe polluted air, suffer from economic downturns in climate-sensitive sectors such as agriculture and tourism, be vulnerable to floods and other natural disasters, and struggle to afford rising energy costs. SACC recognizes the urgency of these infrastructure challenges and is committed to supporting all involved to work toward sustainable, equitable, and inclusive policy solutions.

Technology and Innovation

California is the nation’s technology leader in job creation and innovation. Home to more than 1.1 million employees in the technology sector alone, California continues to benefit from private sector investment and economic growth year after year. With Californians continuing to embrace cutting-edge technologies, the state’s economic growth and technology adoption go hand in hand. Investing in innovation for new technology across all sectors – autonomous vehicles in the transportation sector, for instance – and promoting widespread broadband and wireless accessibility is key to maintaining California’s role as a global leader in innovation, technology, and communications. SACC advocates for information technology and telecommunication technology policies that advance free and open competition, promote a highly educated and technical workforce, encourage collaboration and cooperation in ideas and technology, and advance regulations that positively impact the ability of the private sector to effectively research, develop, integrate, manufacture, service and market solutions in the global marketplace.


We will continue to monitor legislation, policy, and regulation decisions identified as priorities by the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA). CCIA has been active in engaging legislative leaders and policy influencers around issues that affect the industry. The development of local and state policies to regulate this new industry has created high demand for knowledge and education, particularly from small businesses and entrepreneurs. SACC aims to provide a network of education, information, and resources that help to clarify the quickly evolving abundance of regulatory guidelines in California’s cannabis industry. It seeks to advocate on behalf of the API and small business community as the cannabis industry’s regulatory scheme continues to unfold, improve their understanding and compliance with cannabis regulation, and closely track legislation that may affect their ability to compete in this industry

We want to connect with you to hear firsthand how we can advocate for the issues that can support your business.

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