Community Initiatives

Our mission to strengthen and give voice to Sacramento’s diverse small business community aligns directly with the work we do through our community initiatives. Through our collaborative partnerships, we take the lead regarding inclusive economic development efforts in our region. We come together to fight for and create opportunities for our diverse small business communities and those along our underserved commercial corridors so everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Sacramento Inclusive Economic Development Collaborative (IEDC)

This grassroots collaboration between fifteen partners was created to give a voice to the diverse business communities within the City of Sacramento around economic development, equity, and investment. The IEDC members represent Sacramento’s  urban aging corridors and consists of ethnic chambers of commerce and Property and Business Improvement District (PBID) organizations. Together, we advocated for economic and environmental justice issues and shed light on opportunities and concerns as it relates to jobs, our communities, and how to work together for a sustainable future.

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Regional Prosperity Strategy

Together, with the Greater Sacramento Economic Council, Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Sacramento Area Council of Governments and Valley Vision, we have been working to create a strategic framework for the six-county Sacramento Region. This collaboration effort prioritizes our core economic initiatives which will result in a more prosperous, equitable, and resilient region.

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Sacramento Grow Green: Cannabis Social Equity Program

For those impacted by the historically disparate enforcement of cannabis crimes, Sacramento Grow Green works to creates pathways for diverse communities to establish new cannabis businesses. This initiative offers support for the transition of existing cannabis businesses into the legal market and connects individuals to job opportunities in the industry.

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This is Sacramento

In collaboration with the Sacramento Asian, Black, Hispanic, and Rainbow Chambers of Commerce, as well as their partners at SMUD, This is Sacramento honors and celebrates our culturally-rich, vibrant communities within the Sacramento region through the creation of art and storytelling.

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Minority Business Assistance and Recovery Kickstart (MBARK)

MBARK is a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach geared to assist minority small business owners in your community. MBARK utilizes our understanding and expertise on what minority small business owners may need and showcases how to proactively engage them in order to stabilize and grow their businesses.

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