Minority Business Assistance Recovery Kickstart (MBARK)

Minority Business Assistance Recovery Kickstart (MBARK)

Helping Cities and Counties Empower Minority Small Businesses

The Minority Business Assistance and Recovery Kickstart (MBARK) is a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach geared to assist minority small business owners in your community. MBARK utilizes our understanding and expertise on what minority small business owners may need and showcases how to proactively engage them in order to stabilize and grow their businesses.

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How We Help

The MBARK team works with jurisdictions to create an action plan that utilizes current assets and develops a customized approach to address existing deficiencies that are currently facing minority small business owners.

Key programmatic elements include:

  • Economic impact analysis
  • “Boots on the ground” outreach in key geographical areas
  • Culturally appropriate training and communication assistance
  • Technical assistance offerings presented in various languages

MBARK is designed to meet the minority small business owner exactly where they currently are in their operation and help them identify ways to support them.

The program provides tools and resources so the jurisdiction has a clearer picture of its minority business community. We offer time-tested technical assistance such as webinars, 1:1 consulting in various languages to engage those hard-to-reach businesses in a culturally appropriate way and come together to strengthen the communication between the jurisdiction and these business owners.

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