Michael Le, Founder of Asian Brothers Brewing Company, Stays Hopeful Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Michael Le is the owner of Asian Brothers Brewing Company, the first craft brewery and full-service restaurant in the United States serving Southeast Asian style craft beer. Based in Northern California, their mission is to tell the stories of the Southeast Asian people who were displaced from their respective countries after the Vietnamese-American War. Through their delicious food and beer, they aim to celebrate and unite the vibrant cultures of these groups, which include: the Cambodian, Hmong, Laos, Mien, and Vietnamese communities.

The team at Asian Brothers Brewing Company is used to adversity and hardship. They come from a generation of “people without a country” who found refuge across the world. They had to adapt to survive, and they never let themselves forget about the history or journey of their people.

Because of this, Asian Brothers Brewing Company works hard to bring the taste of their native cultures into every beer they craft and every meal they make. They live and breathe their purpose of sharing their cultures and values with the people in their new communities and with future generations.

Their company is just one of many small businesses being impacted by COVID-19. They are currently offering to-go and online ordering options. Michael and his wife are keeping the doors open for business and hope to support their customers and staff as best as they can. Despite the current hardship, Michael and his wife still have hope for their business and for the country.

As a relatively young business, they are hoping to bring their beers to the broader Sacramento market in the near future. Michael and the Asian Brothers Brewing Company team believe success will come if they live by this philosophy: remember and learn from history and promote love and compassion for others.

Michael has one piece of advice for new business owners:

“Define your business in specific terms and know what you would like to do. Be prepared to work hard and make sacrifices. Finally, have the courage to stand your ground.”

You can find Asian Brothers Brewing Company at: 4800 Florin Road, Sacramento, CA 95823.

Call in your to-go order at: 916-823-5333

Customers can also place online orders through Uber Eats and Grub Hub apps.

Email them at info@asianbrothersbrewery.com

Websites: www.asianbrothersbrewery.com and www.anhhong.com

They have 12 restaurants in the Bay Area that carry their beers, located here: https://asianbrothersbrewery.com/our-partners/

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