With Creative Pivot, Giggle & Riot Fun is Determined to Keep Fun Alive While Families Stay-at-Home

Giggle & Riot Fun was founded by Caroline “Olin” Winata and Josh Daniels as a solution to support their employees, community, and local small businesses through the COVID-19 crisis. Originally operating as Giggle & Riot Funbooths, a company offering unique photo booth experiences for events, Olin and Josh had to quickly pivot to create experiences for a stay-at-home community. Giggle & Riot Fun offers fun and interactive activities through their cute, creative activity and craft kits for families, while also offering community engagement activities such as their Curbside Crawls and their photo scavenger hunts both of which came about as their response to supporting local small businesses.

In 2013, Caroline “Olin” Winata and Josh Daniels founded Giggle & Riot Funbooths, a photo booth company specializing in tailored photo booth experiences for brands and events. Their goal was to bring life and “a little more woohoo” to every experience, from weddings, to birthday parties, to corporate events, and more. However, with the rise of COVID-19, and in-person social activities being cancelled or postponed, they quickly had to reassess and reinvent their business to adjust to the new reality. Putting their creativity to the test, their team launched Giggle & Riot Fun as a brand-new way to support local communities and families during an otherwise uncertain time with fun, shareable, and unifying experiences and activities .

The Giggle & Riot Fun core team consists of Olin, Kayla, and Josh:

  • Olin, their “Visionary Ninja,” is the designer and dreamer of Giggle & Riot’s fun kits and experiences.
  • Kayla, their “Crafting Sorceress,” works alongside Olin to bring their products to life.
  • Josh, their “Chief Troublemaker,” uses laser cutters and personally does quality control checks on their Curbside Crawl locations.

Together, Giggle & Riot Fun are determined to help support their local Sacramento small business community and friends:

“We hope that by creating Curbside Crawl, a fun community experience, and by providing activity kits for families and all ages, we can survive the pandemic and care for our larger Giggle & Riot team.” – Caroline “Olin” Winata

All of their kits are carefully designed to encourage learning, imagination, and play while Sacramentans are sheltering in place. Their crafting and activity kits provide fun for everyone including families, grown-ups, and their little ones. With time, they hope to bring out more high-quality handmade kits for everyone to enjoy.

The Curbside Crawl is Giggle & Riot Fun’s solution for continuing to support local small businesses beyond restaurants. It consists of a list of small, non-restaurant local businesses that offer online orders or curbside pick-ups, and is an excellent way to support the small independent businesses community. The list on their website highlights areas in Midtown, Downtown, and Oak Park to explore! Giggle & Riot Fun are also actively working on adding Land Park & Curtis Park, and East Sac to their Curbside Crawl locations soon. They invite anyone with business suggestions to contribute by reaching out on their website.

Giggle & Riot Fun is doing their best to support and bring together their local community in creative and unifying ways. They committed to keeping their staff and products sanitized and safe. One of their projects include making masks and protective shields for doctors and nurses at U.C. Davis Medical Center.

You can support their business by going ordering their products online at www.giggleandriotfun.com. And remember to support the local community by participating in their Curbside Crawls activities and photo scavenger hunts!

Contact Information

Address: 1515 N C Street, Sacramento, CA

Phone: (916) 760-8414

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 12pm – 3pm

Delivery and curbside pickups are also available.

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