Jamie and Lucas, Owners of Magpie Alchemy, Share Love for their Craft, Community, and More

Magpie Alchemy is a small family-owned business with a huge passion for science, art, and creating new things. They are focused on producing and selling handcrafted botanical skincare, CBD, and self-care products. The couple works together to make everything in-house at their brick and mortar workshop located in the Warehouse Artist Lofts (WAL) Public Market.

Jamie and Lucas were inspired to start their own business after the birth of their daughter, Maggie, affectionately nicknamed “Magpie”. Through their love for her, they felt an urgent need to take charge of their family’s health and wellness which meant limiting exposure to toxic chemical ingredients. The first step of their new wellness journey was learning to make their own soaps and the rest is history.

Hand-crafting soaps with natural products is a process that requires dedicated hours of research and ingredients. Jamie supplemented her research by studying her Filipino roots and how it’s traditional healing practices effected skin care. After finding success with their soaps, Jamie and Lucas decided to expand their business to include other creative and natural skincare solutions. Magpie Alchemy has expanded their connections with countless communities in Sacramento and San Francisco (specifically SOMA Pilipinas) since their launch.

Like many other small business, Magpie Alchemy has been impacted by COVID-19. They are still open and running since they are considered to be an essential business. As with most small businesses these days, there has been an unfortunate decrease in their sales especially since the WAL Public Market closed their doors to the public until further notice. On top of this, they are also experiencing difficulties with some of their suppliers who had to temporarily close.

“Despite everything, we do want to say we are grateful that we can still provide our customers and community with products to help them during such stressful times.”

Jamie and Lucas have witnessed how the tragedy of COVID-19 has brought their community closer together. Everyone has been helpful in sharing resources, tips, and information with each other and with Jamie and Lucas. Their family has been overwhelmed with love and appreciation for everyone in their supportive community.

“We would not and could not survive this without our incredible community.”

You can support Magpie Alchemy by ordering products on their website. They offer curbside pickup, shipping, and free local deliveries for orders over $50 within a 10 mile radius of the WAL Public Market. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to view limited products and soothing behind the scenes soap making videos!

Contact Information

Address: 1104 R St, Sacramento, CA, 95811, USA Phone: (916) 917-6117 Email: info@magpiealchemysoaps.com Website: https://magpiealchemy.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/magpiealchemy/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MagpieAlchemy/

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